"Achieving the best comes through the highest"
N.K. Roerich
November 6, 2023

Treasures of health

Great news in store today! Meet our new friends and neighbors: Alfred, Igor and Alla, they are engaged in the production and sale of unique herbal medicine products. Their products are real treasures of health, because they are created from medicinal herbs and vegetables and berries grown in the highlands. Next post and link to their channel.

And we also have something to share! Our talented Anya learned how to create real cheese-making masterpieces using fresh farm milk. We have already enjoyed the exquisite tastes of cheeses: Adygei and Primosale with olives, spicy red pepper and aromatic spices.

In addition, we decided to participate in a grant competition to implement our new project, creating an eco-village for “digital nomads”. We spent the whole week preparing a bright and convincing presentation for the committee. We will try to keep you up to date with our news about the competition, we believe in the success of our project and look forward to the results!
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