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"Where nature is strong, where nature is untouched, there the people are strong, without confusion"
N.K. Roerich
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Main advantages of the house


Smart house
Control from phones and tablets
Free application for an unlimited number devices
Remote control via the Internet
Statistics of sensor readings
Support for heating profiles
Create your own lighting scenarios
Notification of events, alarms
1 ventilation system control
4 heating control zones, based on temperature sensors in rooms
4 control zones for the floor heating system, automation using floor heating temperature sensors
36 total controllable lighting groups
32 lighting groups controlled by on/off principles
4 dimmable lighting groups brightness adjustment
7 automation zones based on human presence sensors
36 channels for connecting to switch keys
Security and control
4 zones for monitoring water leaks, with control of water shut-off valves
4 overhead water leakage sensors
1 control zone for water shut-off
Transformer room
3D cinema
Remote work
Play area
Boho style interior
Boho interior is to the taste of freedom-loving creative types. If you are not in the mood for palace flavor and industrial lofts, take a closer look at relaxed, cozy and original boho style.
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Heat pump

Heating equipment

Low global warming potential
Increased efficiency
Smart technology
Less noise
Guaranteed safety
Low global warming potential
The new R32 refrigerant helps DC inverter heat pumps run cleaner and more efficiently, resulting in a lower carbon footprint thanks to lower carbon emissions and zero ozone depletion potential.
Heat pumps "+++" are very energy efficient devices with inverters that change the operating speed depending on the heat demand. Therefore, they can produce 6 times more heat than they consume electricity, helping you save on your bills.
Increased efficiency
The controller continuously reads temperature changes using sensors that record environmental conditions. With online WIFI monitoring, customers will receive remote support. The R32 EVI DC inverter heat pumps also feature smarter protection.
Smart technology
In addition to brushless DC inverter fans, the R32 DC inverter heat pumps feature enhanced noise reduction measures such as Panasonic's dual rotor compressor. The noise level starts at 58 dBA, making it the quietest system in the DC inverter range.
Less noise
R32 refrigerant is considered environmentally friendly, but improper handling and storage can lead to potential safety problems. All this can be avoided by using DANHEAT R32 DC Inverter Heat Pumps as they are designed with anti-explosion measures to ensure safety.
Guaranteed safety

Water supply

Click to learn how the water generation process occurs
At night, moisture accumulates with the help of an adsorbent
During the day, solar energy heats the panel and thereby, water flows to the consumer
The quality of the resulting drinking water meets all current international standards
Water quality
The hydropanel doesn’t require connection to the electrical network; it provides itself with the necessary energy
Energy independence
Clean water is obtained through eco-friendly processes without harming the environment
Environmental friendliness
The operation of each hydropanel is monitored remotely using a smart system, making its operation even more reliable and efficient
Support and service

Photoelectric light-transparent system

Autonomous uninterrupted power supply
30-year module efficiency guarantee
Cell efficiency 24.5%
Saving on electricity bills
Reducing your carbon footprint

System advantage

Designed for a hidden method of fastening large-format cladding materials of solar modules
Allows the integration of photovoltaic facade modules into an overall aluminum structure
Hanging system with aluminum profiles
Post-transom system
Guiding profiles
Cladding cassette
Photoelectric converters
Front glass, colored or clear
Can be made with customer's drawing
Mounted as a fence, on the facade or on the roof
Minimum weight of the mounting system
Resistance to temperature changes
High corrosion resistance
Easy to install


Power supply system

EOS system ready for continuous operation. This means that every EOS comes with not only an inverter, but also batteries and software, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation throughout the entire service life.
EOS easily connects to the existing power system of the facility, and thanks to its ease of installation and minimalist design, it harmoniously complements the style of any house.
Compact all-in-one design
The ideal solution for those who require maximum flexibility
All EOS components are housed in a single metal housing, providing rugged design and the highest quality in a small footprint


Power supply system

Service life from 15 years
The ability to instantly receive and give energy
High energy and current efficiency in nominal modes
No "memory effect"
Fire and explosion safety
Environmental friendliness and recycling
SNE module 24 V / 400 Wh

Electricity storage module 24 V / 400 Wh

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In today's technological era, choosing a house might be challenging. Many people ask the question: “Which smart home should I buy?” There are a huge number of options on the market: from autonomous and environmentally friendly to energy efficient and fully automated.

If you decide to buy a ready-made house with a plot, you are offered a wide selection of plots. However, before making your choice, there are some important factors to consider. You can get a ready-made house project on the Internet for free; such a project will take into account the individual needs of the owner and the specifics of the site.

There is another option to buy a ready-made house project from professionals. This includes developing a plan, taking into account all the features and, most importantly, preparing all the necessary design documentation for construction.

An autonomous house project is another popular option. An autonomous house is equipped with systems that allow it to function independently of external networks, which significantly reduces operating costs.

Intelligent automation: smart home project with drawings.

Let's take a closer look at the smart house option. A smart house project with drawings allows you to see all the details of the future home and plan a smart house control system from the very beginning. This includes automatic control of lighting, heating, ventilation, security and many other aspects of home life.

The price of a smart house project may vary depending on your requirements and the chosen approach. In any case, the cost of such a project is usually recouped through savings in resource management and ease of use.

If you decide to buy a ready-made smart house, keep in mind that the price of installing a smart house may vary depending on the complexity of the system and the selected components.

It is also worth paying attention to projects of eco-friendly and energy-efficient houses. The green house project aims to minimize the impact on the environment. The design of an energy-efficient house allows you to reduce energy costs while maintaining comfort and convenience of living.

Choosing such a housing is an opportunity to make your life more comfortable, safe and resistant to external conditions.
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