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N.K. Roerich
November 27, 2023

Belukha opens a portal

Good day! Recently, the Altai mountains amazed us with their extraordinary phenomena. The fog covered our valley with a dense veil. When it dissipated, a small part of it remained in the form of beautiful painted snow patterns. This is where artists and photographers find their inspiration!

There was another interesting event. We recently observed a pillar of light over Mount Belukha. This is clearly visible in the photographs. Surprisingly, all other parts of the sky were densely covered with clouds. Maybe the portal has activated?

Researcher at the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Pulinets explained this phenomenon as follows. In the depths of the earth, shifts in the earth's layers occur, due to which tension arises and gases are released. These gases, including radon, penetrate the earth's crust and enter the atmosphere. Perhaps it was radon and charged particles that dispersed the clouds over Belukha.

A similar phenomenon was observed before the strongest earthquake in Turkey. We can only hope that there will be no strong earthquakes. What do you think about this phenomenon?

Updated 12/12/2024: An earthquake actually occurred on December 10 not far from Gorno-Altaisk with a force of about 4 points. We will continue to monitor this unusual phenomenon.
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