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N.K. Roerich
December 22, 2023

Energy efficient house

In the era of global climate change and steadily rising energy prices, the design and construction of energy-efficient residential houses and buildings is becoming not just a fashionable trend, but a necessity. Homeowners around the world are looking to reduce their house's energy consumption and carbon footprint by transforming their housing into models of sustainability and innovation. Today we'll talk about how energy-efficient design and construction can transform your home and make it part of the solution to global problems, rather than the source of them.

- Energy Efficiency Basics

Designing an energy-efficient house begins by considering all aspects that affect a building's energy use, from orientation and structure to the materials used and HVAC systems. The main goal is to minimize heat loss in winter and prevent excess heat gain in summer, thereby reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling.

- Energy efficient technologies and materials

• Photovoltaic solar panels to produce electricity

• Solar water heaters for heating water

• Smart thermostats to optimize heating and cooling systems

• LED lightening

• Use of natural and recycled materials with low VOC content

Energy-efficient houses and buildings not only help preserve the environment, but also bring significant economic benefits. Reducing energy bills, increasing property values, improving living comfort and occupant health are just a few of them.

An energy efficient project is the future of sustainable housing. By applying energy efficiency principles from the very beginning of design and construction, you can create a house that is not only economical to operate, but also promotes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. At Domorion, we are ready to help you make your energy efficient home a reality, using the latest technologies and materials to ensure your home is not only smart, but also caring for the future of the planet.
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