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N.K. Roerich
October 24, 2023

Children's learning and development

Hello! I’ll tell you about this using the example of our son, he is 15 years old now. We decided to try the distance learning format. We chose PROschool, which was spun off from the 2GIS company. Classes start at 11.00, the number of lessons is 3-6. There are 4 people in the class, they answer a lot. The teachers are in a good mood. They motivate with points; they can be exchanged once every six months for a gift. It’s not possible to skip class, the curator is assigned, he is constantly in touch. If there is a power outage or on a trip, we still study (we have a laptop and a mobile connection).

After lessons, the son goes to the fitness center. He found a lot of friends there, they are preparing for competitions. Price is 1400 rubles per month.

A beautiful school was built in the village, where more than 1000 children study. There are modern kindergartens. Cool stadium with rubberized surface, stands and exercise equipment. See photo. There are 2 libraries, drawing and pottery classes, guitar (300 RUR lesson).
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