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N.K. Roerich
October 11, 2023


Good day everyone! As promised, we will tell you about Belovodye, a mysterious land, a place of strength and inspiration for many generations of people. It is shrouded in myths and legends, and its search has become a symbol of the desire for knowledge, harmony and spiritual enlightenment. Belovodye is a legendary country located somewhere on the border of Europe and Asia. It is believed that this is a place where harmony, prosperity and spiritual development reign. For example, in Russian fairy tales this is a fairyland with milk rivers and jelly banks. In Altai legends, Belovodye is associated with the habitat of spirits and gods.

Since ancient times, people have sought to find this mysterious country. Many travelers, explorers and adventurers went in search of Belovodye.

Our version: when the clouds spread low across the Uimon Valley, it seems as if you are standing on the shore of a huge, white, mountain lake. Is it really similar?
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