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N.K. Roerich
January 20, 2024

Altai herbs and honey

Happy Baptism to everyone!
We have Epiphany frosts: -17 during the day, -28 at night. After walking, I really want to drink hot tea with honey.

And the honey here, of course, is excellent: in terms of taste, healing properties, and environmental friendliness. We've given up sugar here. We eat honey with nuts, with cheese.

I read that Altai honey contains more than 300 different beneficial substances, including vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and other biologically active substances. It has a rich taste and aroma, which are caused by a combination of various herbs and plants. There are more than 600 species here: jujube, bruise, thyme, oregano, burdock, cyanosis, sow thistle, fireweed, snakehead, valerian and many others. We also like that this honey is sourced from an ecologically clean high mountain region. Some apiaries can only be reached on horseback, and the journey there takes 3 days!

We try to buy honey only from trusted beekeepers. Here are some contacts: 89136905989 (Vladimir); 89139955434 (German): 89833268353 (Alexander)

House in a village with a plot

An autonomous eco-house in an eco-village in Altai is not just housing, but a philosophy of living in harmony with nature. We invite you to purchase a unique house in an eco-village, where every element is created taking into account environmental standards and modern technologies. Houses in such villages are built from environmentally friendly materials such as wood or stone, and have modern energy and water supply systems that do not harm the environment. In addition, conditions are created in eco-villages for the development of alternative energy, for example, solar panels or wind generators are installed. Residents of eco-villages can engage in agriculture, crafts, tourism or other activities that do not disturb the ecological balance. Also, educational programs and seminars on ecology and sustainable development are often held in eco-villages.

Main advantages

1. Smart house:
  • control from phones and tablets
  • remote control via the Internet
  • statistics of sensor readings
  • support for heating profiles
  • creating your own lighting scenarios
  • notification of events and alarms
2. Climate:
  • ventilation system control
  • 4 heating control zones based on temperature sensors in rooms
  • 4 control zones for the floor heating system, automation using floor heating temperature sensors
3. Lighting:
  • 36 controllable lighting groups
  • 32 lighting groups, on/off control
  • 4 dimmable lighting groups (brightness adjustment)
  • 7 automation zones based on human presence sensors
  • 36 channels for connecting to switch keys
4. Security and control:
  • 4 water leakage control zones with control of water shut-off valves
  • 4 overhead water leakage sensors
  • 1 control zone for water shut-off valves
5. Transformer room:
  • 3D cinema
  • remote work
  • education
  • game zone
  • planetarium
  • telemedicine
6. Interior in boho style
Boho interior is to the taste of freedom-loving creative people. If you are not in the mood for palace flavor and industrial lofts, take a closer look at relaxed, cozy and original boho.
Altai is an eco-house of your dreams.
An eco-house in Altai is not only a cozy and comfortable home, but also an opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful corners of the planet. Altai, called the pearl of Siberia and Asia, offers unique conditions for living and recreation. The valley between Uimon and Katanda, where our eco-village is located, where houses are available for sale, has long been recognized as a place with special energetic properties and promises to become a great center of attraction for people who value a healthy lifestyle and the environment. By purchasing a house in an eco-village, you get not only housing, but also part of a beautiful plot in Altai, where every day will be filled with clean air, birdsong and magnificent scenery.

Why is it worth buying a house in an eco-village?
  • ecologically clean area with unique natural landscapes
  • modern technologies for autonomous living
  • harmony with nature and a high level of comfort
  • the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle away from the bustle of the city
  • well-thought-out infrastructure of the village

Selling houses in an eco-village is an opportunity to become part of a unique community where every resident values ​​nature and strives for sustainable development. By choosing an autonomous eco-house in the Orion House, you are choosing the future for yourself and your loved ones.
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