"Achieving the best comes through the highest"
N.K. Roerich
September 18, 2023

About the blog

Welcome to our blog! Here we will share our personal experience of moving from the city to an amazing place. We will not only talk about everyday life in this beautiful region, but also invite you to plunge into the world of magic and natural charm of the Uimon Valley, mountain ranges, blue lakes, cedar forests and the majestic Belukha Mountain. You will learn about how to organize a move, what needs to be taken into account, and what features are worth knowing. We will share our knowledge about real estate, doing business, tell you about tourist attractions, and show you the people and culture of this amazing region.

Altai is not just a place to live, it is a chance to find your "Belovodye", fulfill your dream, reveal the secrets of nature, meet amazing people from all over the country and find harmony with the spirit. Join us and go on an exciting journey through Altai with us!
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