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N.K. Roerich
October 3, 2023

About Belukha

Today we post a short photo report about an unforgettable trip to Mount Belukha in May last year. Did you know that the Altai Belukha Mountain is also known as "Uch-Orion", which is possibly associated with the three stars of Orion's Belt. The location of the three main peaks of Belukha - Western Belukha, Eastern Belukha and Delaunay Peak repeats the location of these stars, which indicates the cosmic connection of the mountain. Its constantly snow-covered peak is considered a symbol of holiness and purity. The connection of the three-headed Belukha mountain with the constellation Orion, and especially with its Belt, is repeatedly emphasized in ancient legends. In the book "Cryptograms of the East", compiled by Elena Ivanovna Roerich in Paris in 1929 and containing ancient eastern apocrypha, there is a legend about a sacred stone sent from heaven as a "gift of Orion" from distant worlds. Tradition points to three specific stars that sent the stone to the world - these are the stars of Orion's Belt. And also Mount Belukha - the Abode of the Goddess Umai.

Did you find the silhouette of the sleeping goddess in the penultimate photo of this post?
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