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N.K. Roerich
October 17, 2023

Reasons for moving to Altai

Many people asked us why we decided to move to Altai? Here, briefly, are at least 10 reasons:

1. Altai has incredibly beautiful nature and mountains. They remind us of the Tan Shan mountains (where we grew up) and the Alps

2. There are many different business ideas and projects; Altai is not virgin land

3. It is important to instill a love for physical labor and the earth in our children, to distract them from gadgets

4. Your own organically grown products are the golden key to the health of the whole family

5. Many beautiful plots for building your home or farming

6. Support from the state in the form of various grants, mortgages for the village

7. Anti-stress low population density, more time to relax and travel

8. Altai is a “Mecca” for various sports and hobbies: hiking, rafting, skiing, fishing

9. Altai is a place of power. Mountains, air, water, sun, space quickly restore strength

10. Global changes and trends have forced us to reflect life

I wonder if you have any reasons for moving and what?
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