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N.K. Roerich
November 15, 2023

Bashtalinskoye Tarn Lake

Hello there!

There is one unusual place in the mountains of the Terektinsky ridge - the stunning Bashtalinskoe tarn lake. To get to this amazing place, you need a UAZ.

It was mid-July, and at this time the mountains are simply breathtaking with their beauty! Beautiful alpine flowers are blooming all around, and somewhere else you can see the remains of snow, because the lake is located at an altitude of more than two kilometers!

On the way to the lake, on a plateau overgrown with cedar, at an altitude of two thousand meters, we stopped to enjoy the beautiful view of the Uimon Valley. This view is simply breathtaking!

The last stage of our journey is the descent to the basin with the lake. It took about an hour, but it was worth it! The transparent calm water of the lake, the reflection of the mountains and the blue sky are mesmerizing.

When we were about to return back, heavy clouds rolled in and a hurricane wind and hail hit us. It seemed that the heavens were unhappy that we had disturbed the peace of this beautiful place. Chemical protection raincoats saved us from bad weather!
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