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Н. К. Рерих
December 29, 2023

The Legend of the Green Wood Dragon

Dear friends,
In ancient times, in a distant country there lived a green wooden dragon. He had four heads: one head personified the power of love, the second of wisdom, the third of spirituality, and the fourth of physical strength.

The dragon was a kind and fair ruler. He cared about his people and always helped them in difficult times. One day trouble came to the country. Enemies attacked their country. The dragon gathered his warriors and went to battle. The battle was long and hard, but in the end the dragon and his warriors were victorious.

The people were grateful to the dragon for saving them, and decided to build a temple in his honor. The temple was made of green wood and had four dragon statues, each representing one of his powers.

Since then, people began to come to the temple to pray to the dragon and ask him for help. And the dragon always helped those who turned to him with a pure soul.

May the power of love, wisdom, spirituality and physical strength of the green wooden dragon always be with you! Happy New Year 2024!
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